Surfer + Chat GPT Helper thingo

Watch my YouTube Video if you need to see how to work this thing.

Click here to see Instructional Video

If you don't have surfer yet, get it using my affiliate link here: - Support me and I'll keep making epic shit and handing it out for free.

For 'detectability', use this:

P.S. This looks intentionally shit. Or maybe I just suck?

What's your OpenAI API key? (it's safe, I don't store it)

Step 1: What's your article title?

Step 2: What are your headings?

Step 3: Content Generation

This is going to generate something that's detectable. Watch my video if you care about this.

Delay (recommended: 6000ms) ↑↑↑

Step 4 (optional): Quillbot

Wanna make it undetectable? go and put this through quillbot. Once again, refer to video lol.

Step 5: Paste Surfer Guidelines

Put in your surfer guidelines. Watch my video on how to do this. This is optional, I highly recommend surfer, but, it's optional. Put them over on the right

Step 6: Improve

This part, basically, it'll improve based on your surfer guidelines (like, straight-up magic). Sometimes it fucks up. Normally it doesn't. It can only go 'so far', and it won't 100% match surfer, but it's damn good enough. Feel free to output and test along the way.

← actual magic
← also magic

Step 7: Output

I'll give it to you in 2 formats, one is HTML, you might need that. Another is just 'normal', ready to be pasted into surfer or wordpress or whatever.

Surfer Guidelines

Drop that shit in here

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